Sample Home Pages


Monochrome Baseline B one page style

The home page is just a placeholder.  The menu gives access to some sample home page styles, listed below.  It has 4 Album pages which use the Envira gallery plugin.  It uses Generate/Beaver which allows for customzation, but these can all be used as-is with minimal changes.

Janelle – artist portfolio, links to 3 sub-pages, home page portfolio

Wooden Beavers – craft builder portfolio

Foto Smugmug – artist portfolio one-page with 3 sub-page links

Ginny Coombs

This site has a very clean home page that links to the galleries.  Generate/Beaver plugins.

Ginny Coombs

Robin Cornwall

Home page is a slider with comments over the pictures.  Traditional style with 4 galleries.  Generate/Beaver

Robin Cornwall Stone Art

David Cornwall

Nice menu treatment in left panel.  Traditional design with Envira galleries.  Generate/Beaver plugins

David Cornwall Stone Art

Paletton Colors

Traditional design with Envira/Generate/Beaver that can use the Palleton color selection tools.  The first one has strong color backgrounds, the second one uses a white background

Style Human Positive

Style Human White

Homepage portfolio layouts

5 layouts for one-page designs that would drill down into individual galleries. 5 Hompage layouts. Very clean and simple, useful for drill-down to galleries, or just use the home page for minimal portfolios.  Divi theme

Homepage pack

Masonry portfolio

Suitable for an emerging artist with a small portfolio.  Divi theme.  Scroll down the page a bit to find the Masonry Portfolio

Masonry Portfolio

Single Page Portfolios

Good for small portfolios

Single page portfolio pack

5 Gallery layout pack

A set of nice layouts for a homepage gallery.

5 Galleries


Photographer portfolios.

Designed for a photographer, but could be used by any artist with an extensive portfolio.

Extensive portfolio

Strong monochrome styling.  Good 1 page layout, lots of good effects, suitable for prolific artist with lots of gallleries.  Divi theme

DiviDen Photographer Layout


Onepage – Comes in two styles.  Divi theme

Beans Dark

Beans Light

Drift Studio

Onepage – Divi (lifetime)

Drift Studio


Envira / Woocommerce

This will work with any of the themes listed above.  The plugin lets you sell anything that is in an Envira Gallery



This is my new go-to for photographers.  Sunshine may have a few additional features but I have a lifetime license to Sell-Media


Pricing Table

This is the simplest type of e-commerce site.  It has a very clean home page with traditional header.  The Envira galleries have an ‘order’ link that takes the user to pricing tables.  Some customization of plugins is required.  Generate/Beaver/EasyPricingTables plugins

Ginny Coombs 2

Photo Gallery E-Commerce

This has some nice features but it is a bit fiddly to set up.  Generate/Beaver/PhotoGalleryEcommerce plugins

Ginny Coombs Photo Gallery E-Commerce

Sunshine Photo E-commerce

Nice one-page home with multiple galleries.  Uses the Sunshine plugin with lots of photographer features.  Generate/Sunshine/Beaver plugins



Other designs

Design Agency

Shows off the workflow.  Divi

Photo Marketplace

Built for stock photo marketplace.  Divi

Home page pack

5 different home pages, including one for design agencies.  Divi



Monochrome baseline B traditional:

The home page is just a placeholder.  It uses a standard menu. It has 4 Album pages which use the Envira gallery plugin.  The Generate/Beaver combination makes this the toolset of choice for highly customized sites.  The palette manager allows quick replacement of the entire color scheme

 Baseline B

Dark baseline

This is showing a color palette for Generate/Beaver, based on the GP Freelancer theme

Dark GP Freelancer

Monochrome B

Zen Life  – contains some standard design elements so you can see how they work

Moon Landing – single product sales landing page